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Amritsar train accident: 32 seconds’ death orange, see in VIDEO when people got trampled by train

In the Amritsar train accident, on the Dussehra, there was no less than a scariest day for the people who visited Ravana in Combustion, and seeing the Amritsar train accident suddenly turned the moment of happiness into the weeds in the moment. In fact, 59 people have been killed and more than 50 people are reported to be injured, some of which have become serious due to the train being hit by the train during the Raman dahan on Friday evening, added to the gate in Amritsar. In fact, there was a large crowd gathering to see the Ravana combustion on the occasion of Dussehra (2018) on Friday evening near the joint gate of Amritsar. People were watching Ravana combustion by standing on the tracks of the train, only then the train arrived at a fast speed and crushed hundreds of people. When the train was coming to Amritsar from Jalandhar, the accident happened on the added gate. People were making Ravana Dahan’s video, pulling selfies, then suddenly it was caught by some people in the mobile in a scary way.
We are showing you an exclusive video of Amritsar train accident. Two videos are showing in this video. On the first up track, there is a train from Amritsar to Howrah, whose speed is slightly slow. But on the other side people run away on the track, the train coming from Jalandhar to Amritsar comes, whose speed is fast and seeing many people crush. Surprisingly, the time between the two trains is just 32 seconds. That is, in the distance of just 32 seconds, 59 lives ended in the cheek of time. The train came in such a speed that people did not get any chance of rescue.
Let us tell that in the case of the death of 59 people standing on the railway track during the Ravan Dahan in Amritsar, the railway has flown its back. The Minister of State of Railways says that no information was given to the railway, no permission was received, therefore we have no fault. The Punjab government should take action on this, the Railways do not have to investigate. Manoj Sinha said that politics is not good on this tragedy. CM Amarinder Singh has reached here to see the injured and to take stock of the situation.

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